What is it?

An utility that let's you play Windowed games in Fullscreen mode with the benefit of instant "Alt-Tabbing" without the risk of the game crashing when returning to it.

On my Netbook I use it to force some games at 1024x600 resolution (but mostly the screen ends up stretched).


First, right-click on the Tray Icon and go to Settings - Global Settings.

Windowed Borderless Gaming settings.

Set the program to automatically set the resolution to 1024x600, and in "Auto-monitoring" set the second option (By window class and process name) which is useful for some programs like Notepad (Yeah, you can use it as a "distraction-free" writer - no more excuses).

Then to use a game with the program:

  1. The game must obviously be running in windowed mode.
  2. Right-click on the tray icon and click on the "Add Window (F3)" option.
  3. Then focus on the game window (clicking on it or with Alt-Tab).
  4. Press F3.
  5. BOOM!
  6. Issues

    Obviously, not all games work with this.

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